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Hi. I'm Taylor. Founder of Timber Update.

I’m assuming you’re here because you’re looking for help with the sale or management of your timber. Well, you came to the right place. I started Timber Update with the goal of educating landowners in the timber sale process, with the belief that doing business with an open hand promotes doing business.

You’re probably wondering if Timber Update has anything to offer you. I think we do, but that’s really a question you need to answer for yourself.

Maximize Your Timber Investment

A couple of years ago, a landowner contacted us for help. He was trying to conduct a timber sale to thin his property. After going out and getting three bids, he began to realize that he was in over his head. His words, not ours.

The natural inclination of most landowners is accepting the highest bid, but the disparity in the bids lead him to seek help. We’re glad he did. He hired us to check out the value of the timber and realized a 40% jump in price! Imagine what would’ve happened if he hadn’t asked for help.

Increase Your Returns

Ready for another story? Another landowner contacted us, because he got an $8000 bid for his timber and thought it was worth more. He hired us to get involved and ended up with more than a 500% increase on his timber.

Get Unique Value

Should you contact us? Great question! I’m glad you asked. The simple answer is, yes, but I’m biased. I haven’t told you what all you’ll be getting by using Timber Update. We can’t promise you the world, but we can set a reasonable expectation. All of this depends on each tract of timber, but you can generally expect to:

Get more value for your timber.

Think about it. You take your cars to a mechanic, your children to the doctor and taxes to an accountant. Let us manage your timber. It’s what we do.

Let go of the headache.

Stop managing bidding wars and rough logging crews. Time is one thing that money can’t buy, so let us use ours and save yours for the really important stuff.

Relax with a project manager.

Seriously, there are a lot of moving parts in the timber biz and it can be overwhelming at times. Let us take away all that stress and replace it with success!

Before you make up your mind, think back to those stories I shared earlier. Sure, landowners can sell timber and manage a timber deal themselves, but are you sure you want to take that risk?


Convinced? Connect with us today. We want to ask you a few questions.

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